Technology Consulting


The problem pertaining to technology might be bigger than one’s imagination, but we at Decilytics break it up into manageable chunks and strive to get a holistic solution. As the name suggests, we work for our clients to help them transform their way of using technology. Basically, these transformations will gear up the internal technological processes like; reducing the costs, improving business processes, and also to maximize the using of tech opportunities and more.

Market Intelligence

The issues that sprout in a Market Intelligence Service are incessant. They could range from generating online traffic, budget allocation, perceiving and generating ROI, website maintenance issues, providing the right platforms and so many more. At Decilytics we use multiple sources to gather data. Using our Advanced Analytics Skill, We create a broader picture of an organization’s existing Market, Competition, Customers, Growth, Problems, etc. and also the growth rates for the next products or services.




Analytics is a stupendous domain. The glitches are many though and range from pooling up the right kind of data in time, having professionals who understand how data works, data quality and storage and above all aspects pertaining to data security. To optimize businesses we scientifically analyze the raw data by following certain techniques and algorithms to produce a client-centric analyzing report based on extensive research. This analysis will help organizations to make decisions for the next business step.

Data Discovery

In this data driven world, we at Decilytics help you in identifying the reliable data sources by collecting data through primary research, that is by conducting surveys, interviews, questionnaires and polls. It is then pre-processed to give clean data and then organized to form a structure. We also use the organisations’ data sources such as databases and warehouses for improving business operations.


Competitive Strategy


Full market insight is required for both the leading players and emerging entrants. Data about the sociopolitical situation, existing market, competitors, problems, and possibilities make an organization think better about the investment. Our experienced professionals do this work to accumulate all the needful data in one place for easier access.

Financial Strategy

Developing a financial strategy plays a major role in a company’s strategic plan. It sets the base for how companies plan on using the finances and looks at the profitability. It also helps set goals, plan on a timeline and accomplish financial targets. Decilytics aims at designing the best financial policy for you to minimize your burden and increases your profits.