Tailored Database Solutions


There could be innumerable problems pertaining to database solutions. It is not that easy as it sounds or reads. The problems could range from security, performance, availability of database experts and technological expertise. Our specialized and tailored database solutions will help you gain profound insights into market impulses and respond to them without any time lag. You can now lay your fingers on the pulse of the market and discover ‘trends’ using our sophisticated software and technological expertise.

Platform Solutions

Decilytics has an experienced staff that has expertise in Enterprise business solution suite of applications, spanning enterprise resource planning, Data & Analytics and other enterprise platforms. We believe in providing our customers with end-to-end service offerings and industry leading solutions across all domains.


Feasibility Studies


Feasibility studies come with a spate of challenges. Whether to carry out feasibility study or not is the major one. Assumptions pertaining to budget allocations and other critical ventures pose a complex challenge. Good business investments and identification of non-existent markets requires a lot of critical analysis. Through feasibility studies we assess the nature of the problem holistically and offer effective solutions. Projects are documented and the practicality of projects is determined by a team of professionals.

Intelligence Centre Solutions

If intelligence was an easy thing to obtain the world would have been a wonderful place to live in. Establishing a business center comes with a heavy price. It is a huge task to find experts in this domain. Many businesses are not even fully aware of deploying Business Intelligence to accentuate their sales. Hence, our intelligence center makes you engage more effectively with the customer, having understood his/her behavior.